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If you're a writer –like me– and a nerd –also like me– then this little program is for you! Generate your very own unique synopsis for your very own story with just the click of a button. This baby can generate (if my math is right) 4,143,928,912,200 different synopses (most probably garbage) so the creative possibilities are almost but not quite literally equal to 15% of the national debt! Not very comforting, seeing it'll never go down. (inspired by I'll give them... Oh, 15% of the credit)


Click the little flag doohickey to generate a random synopsis. Next, hover your mouse over any of the items and use the left and right arrow keys to navigate your newfound creativity. Click the "Random" button to instantly generate a random synopsis. I encourage you to click through every single possible synopsis, if you succeed at one click per second, you'll be about 131,410 years old by the time you finish. On second thought, don't do that. Go to the park and feed a duck. If you have any suggestions, don't hesitate to leave a comment, I might do an update in the next 131,400 years.