CHARM (Caring Health Assistant Robot Module)



Last updated:2021-05-24




0M/ 1.7M


Hi everyone! We are Ciaryn He and Isselyn He from Bina Bangsa School, Indonesia. CHARM can be used for - workers, especially at places that have high chances for virus to spread, like hospital, mall, bank, school, office or factory. - isolated people or everyone who stays at home We made CHARM to protect them from viruses by: 1. Check if we are wearing mask before entering or leaving 2. Give hand sanitizer 3. Give mask 4. Sterilize supplies before they are delivered 5. Deliver supplies 6. Detect temperature 7. Encourage us to have healthier lifestyle by suggesting healthy habits 8. Guides us exercising 9. Entertain us to prevent stress Special features 1. Speak in 2 languages, English and Chinese 2. Free touch 3. Like a friend to chat with


Turn on the 3 mCores, halocode and smart camera. Read the guidelines next to Gevi, answer what Gevi asked you and do what Gevi asked you to do in the video.