Motion Detector Health Bot



Last updated:2021-05-16




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We have been observing during this pandemic people have been trying to stay clean for keeping themselves healthy. One of the things they did to keep themselves clean and healthy is sterilizing their things that they brought outside of their house, and in the house. They also sterilize their rooms like classroom, meeting rooms, hotel rooms even the hospital by using the uv stick and plugging in the UV. And every moment they have to spray sanitizer unto the room. But don’t you think it is inconvenience? And also UV light isn’t supposed to be exposed to our skin and eye, and we thought that if the room can disinfect by itself, our skin and eye won’t come in contact with UV. This idea is to make our current lives easier especially during this pandemic. And the reason we decided to make a house, is to make it easier for the people to understand.


UV Sterilizer : - Swipe your hands in front of the motion detector, and immediately the UV will turn on. Then the sound siren head will be played to warn the people about Sterilizing. Automatic Hand Sanitizer : - Swipe your hands in front of the Ultrasonic sensor, then the sanitizer will turn on . Do the same to turn off the sanitizer. Thermometer : - Place any part of your body in front of the Thermometer. Then on the screen it will tell you whether your temperature is normal or not. Below the screen, it will show your temperature.