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Hello, my name is Kawee Deeruksa. I am from Piboonbumpen Demonstration School, Thailand. I am 11 years old. Today I will present about the “All in One Dolphin Health Robot”. Since this year’s theme is code for health, this robot is full of health features and functions. My project is for helping people in their homes in their daily lives. Its main functions are measuring your temperature and dispensing alcohol sanitizer to wash your hands. According to the WHO, learning about diseases is a good way to protect yourself from diseases. So, in this robot there is another cool function. You can ask the robot health questions! There are 72 possible answers from the robot! This robot can also move around!


Turn on Halocode and CyberPi and then walk close to it. It will recognize your age and gender and say “Hello” to you based on the recognition result and the current time. After that you can measure your temperature with the temp sensor or smart camera. Then you can wash your hands with alcohol hand sanitizer and ask health questions. Features/Functions 1. Age and gender recognition: It will recognize you and say “Hello” based on the recognition result and the current time. 2. Measuring your temperature with the temperature sensor: It will measure your temperature with the temp sensor and tell you about your temperature. Your temperature can be normal, high or low. 3. Measuring your temperature with the camera: We will pretend that the smart camera is an infrared camera, and it can measure your temperature based on the color it detects. 4. Alcohol sanitizer dispenser: It will dispense alcohol to wash your hands. There is also a way to change the amount of alcohol sanitizer being dispensed. 5. Gas and fire alarm: The robot will alert you if it detects dangerous gases or fire. 6. Health information: You can ask 64 health questions. 7. Movable robot: This robot can also move. Manually and Automatically.


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