Hospital mBot v2



Last updated:2021-05-18




0M/ 0.9M


Theme: Code for Health Background problem: Nurse burn out because they have been overworked for more than a year now due to COVID-19. They feel tired physically and mentally. I want to make a project that will help the nurse in their work and also make them happier. Project Function: 1. Smart Camera Person Tracking : mBot is able to follow a nurse/ doctor to help carry supplies/ patient using smart camera color tracking function. Using the ultrasonic sensor the mBot can keep the distance to the nurse so it won't bump the nurse. 2. RGB Line Following : Nurse can tell the mBot to go to rooms to deliver supplies. Nurse can choose which room to go by pressing the onboard button on the mBot. mBot will go to room using RGB line following sensor and by a set of line following codes. 3. mBot can talk when they follow instruction and say that they arrive when they arrive at rooms. 4. mBot can play music to make the nurse and patient happier Project parts: - mBot - RGB line following sensor - 3D printed bumper - Ultrasonic sensor - Smart camera & battery - Halocode & battery - Audio player - Wooden tray


Instruction for mBot 1. Connect to mBot using USB cable, upload this code to mBot, make sure mBot is on 2. After uploading code, connect to mBot using 2.4 GHz connection 3. Make sure camera have enough battery 4. Create file recordings and put them in the audio player SD card Instruction for Halocode 1. Change the wifi and password to your home wifi and password 2. Connect the Halocode to your computer using USB cable and upload the code 3. Make sure that Halocode have enough battery 4. Make sure that you have logged in to your mBlock account on only 1 computer. If still having problem, try to log out then log in