Monsters An Animation



Last updated:2021-04-14




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This is my first project on makeblock (mblock) so I started with a animation I used to work on scratch but due to the bad people I left so I found this new coding website so now I bookmarked it and I use it to code. :) I know how to code because of scratch. But here it is Monsters An Animation I used a thumbnail and 2 sprites and on animations I always record so this IS my real voice if there is more bad people, haters and reporters I will have to leave again I want to stay so please don't make me leave. I am not the best at drawing I just did something simple and I will make more animations and games even platformers if I can remember the code I got the sound from my files which I got from scratch again I have like 60 projects on scratch and I will get more here too. My goal on scratch was to make 100 projects but due to the haters I am trying to here. I am still learning about mblocks and like how to make a studio, and other things. Lets start talking about the project. So this project is about Jack the character afraid of monsters and one appears and he gets scared. There is loud sounds and anger between family I took over an hour to make this so Enjoy! I don't think about your opinion about this if it is short or a normal animation for me I think it is like in the middle of them like short and medium. Hope you enjoy this project! Peace out l:)