smiles and spikes remix



Last updated:2023-05-02




0M/ 0.1M


change log 1.1 added new mechanics obstacle and skin. 1.2 added new obstacle and skin. 1.3 added new skin. 1.4 blue crystals . 1.5 added skin. 1.5.1 added skin . 1.6 update bullet and added pause .1.7 added wheel of fortune 1.7.1 bugfix 1.7.2 again bugfix and added statistics.1.7.3 added skin 1.8 added new bitton in the shop skin. 1.8.1 advertisement. 1.9 minigame 1.9.1 bugfix 1.9.2 added new skin. 2.0 hats , coins are easier to get. 2.0.1 visual update , cost for spin wheel of fortune downgraded. the original idea was taken from maxter. latest version 2.0


Control the game W-up S-down or tap on the hero if you are playing on your phone.tap on the top or bottom edge to move to the right or press D Управляйте игрой W-up S-down или нажмите на героя, если вы играете на своем телефоне.нажмите на верхний или нижний край, чтобы переместиться вправо или нажмите D