CHARM (Caring Health Assistant Robot Module)



Last updated:2021-06-02




0M/ 1.8M


Hi everyone! We are Ciaryn He P5 and Isselyn He P4 from Bina Bangsa School, Malang. Caring Health Assistant Robot Module can be used for people in isolation / quarantine or everyone who stay at home which is have less interaction with other people. Specially for isolated people on their recovery time, it is important to stay positive, not stressed out, having healthy habit, a little exercising, periodically having their temperature detected, etc. It can help them recover quickly. So, we make Bluey and Luna. They are a less touch robot. Bluey is a friend that is fun to chat with. It speaks English and Chinese. It can guide us exercise, suggest healthy habit, detect our face before we go outside, and ask us to wear mask if we are not wearing it. Luna can detect our temperature, taking a walk with us, gives us mask and sanitizer. Bluey is the face and body. The name is gotten from blue chassis, plates, beam and others. Luna means “moon” and it is the Earth’s satellite. It guides us, walk and run, while Bluey stay still. Luna is the small robot inside Bluey's tummy.


Turn on Bluey and Luna and press green flag. Answer what they've asked you earlier and the instructions will be mentioned by Bluey in the video.