HALODOC v2.0.56



Last updated:2021-03-19




0M/ 0.4M


This is Halodoc 2.0. Me, Nicholas, and my friend Aldrich have been making this for 2 weeks. Halodoc 2.0 is basically a taxi service, but for medical purposes. It's simple. You chat with your doctor, enter your credit card number, and your medicines will be delivered right on your doorstep! The mBot's doctor, Doctor Aldrich, is also interactive and will prescribe the perfect medicines to satisfy your needs.


1. Enter your credit card number. 3 default credit card numbers are available. 2. After entering the code the "doctor" will ask how you feel. The doctor is also named Doctor Aldrich. Hm... 3. After typing how you felt, Doc. Aldrich will think about and prescribe your medicines. 4. the mBot carrying your medicines will move towards you. Take your medicines, don't forget your mask, and the mbot will just move away. (Don't forget to leave a tip!) We worked on this for a long time, hope you enjoyed!