Interactive kitchen



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Welcome to Interactive kitchen! Clean up, don’t die, eat, by food, and much, more!


Press things. Eat food and drink. Stop the hunger and thirst things from getting to 10. When running out of food, you press store button and then go back home by pressing the same button. Fill cup up with sink. Open and close the fridge and cabinet when you start. Press the bleach and wipe things to get the cleaning stuff. One can’t be cleaned by the white clean thing. That is on purpose. Drag the food and cup to the plate to eat or drink it. NOTE: YOU CAN ONLY TAKE FROM THE THIRST THING BY DRAGGING THE CUP TO THE PLATE WHEN IT IS FULL. Scroll down Scroll down Scroll down Scroll down If you had the patients to find this I would REALLY appreciate it if you liked and faved this. Maybe even follow? I have 0 followers. And only 1 project is liked and faved. And that like and fav is only 1 like and fav. See?!? I’m having a horrible time here!