Tower Defense Game



Last updated:2021-06-25




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There are 15 waves right now and I am adding more! Please note that the long ones are snakes and every 12 waves there will be lots of snakes. Starting from wave 8, there will be snakes! And every 15 waves is a mega snake of 250 normals combined! Orange dots are normal, yellow is fast, red is strong, blue is boss minion, and blue with red dots is a boss, it has 75 health, and green ones are mini-boss. They first appear in wave 8. There is also a green enemy that looks like a dinosaur. That's what it is! It is 40 health, so what out! Red and blue lines are: ...??? Ok, I just forgot what it was. There is a blue enemy that looks like a dragon. It has 50 health. First appears wave 12. When dots go under each other, it's called an underpass. That means the towers can only kill 1 dot while the other is safe, which is not very useful sometimes though! But beware! The boss has 55 health! And appears every 11 waves! You also get $25 after every wave!


Click the green flag to start, then click the triangle in a circle button to play. Before that, look under it, you will see your money. You start with $200. If you want to buy something, click the arrow on the other side of the start arrow. Please remember to Heart, Star, And Follow! @PandyPanda123 Start Playing!