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A panda was seeking for some help before his Mathematics exam, so please help him to find the way out to succeed his exams, and don't let the Thomas & Friends 'O Face' catch him, otherwise he'll be real miserable about the exam. Ivan Law, the owner of the game was in his tuition and forgot to train the panda's knowledge, finish all six tests then tap on the skip button on wheels, to win! This game is a hard educational video game which suits for middle school students. Happy studying!


How to play Controls -WASD to run Sensing -ASWDFZXCVBHGTYYN: If you're touching ASWDFZXCVBHGTYYN (The Minecraft noob with eyes and mouth on the top of his head dabbing in a wallpaper), he will play the Kahoot lobby theme as the problem music. answer the 3 questions correctly so that it will count as a test and make you intelligent. Thomas O Face: Be real careful that Thomas O Face (from Thomas and Friends Season 1) will slap its ruler, touch, and stop you then you'll automatically be GAME OVER! Gotta Sweep: He can't sweep anything in this game. Baldi's Basics Remake Playtime: She only says hi to you if you touch her. The Second Coming: An orange stick figure who is especisally good with running around your computer and putting players into detention. Pi in your face: The pi symbol can only tease you if you touch it on purpose or accidentally. Stella: A sexy female Gacha Life character but she is too embarrased to be touched. Instructions -Skip button: Do all the six tests then tap on the skip button on wheels as a seventh test to win! -Answer: Be a lot careful not to answer a problem wrong, otherwise it's GAME OVER. Position -You are M-Panda. Move the panda but you can't break the grey walls otherwise you'll have to go back to the entrance again or go to detention (If you accidentally touch the Second Coming). The bridge glitch is available in this game, to do it, just simply position the panda to all characters except The Second Coming and Thomas O Face. You will keep and lose -If you close the tab or press the green flag again whilst you're in the middle of the game, -YOU WILL KEEP Knowledge, skills, and smart ways. -YOU WILL LOSE All tests, performances, and some of your study time.

Thanks Ivan_Law_mBlock_community for sharing the work《School Day Simulator》(original)