Minecraft 2D



Last updated:2021-05-15




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This is a spin-off of my favorite game: Minecraft. With this site I have created a 2D version of the video game, where when you kill each monster you will level up fighting increasingly difficult challenges. *This game is still under development so it's not complete yet but you can still enjoy it!


Hi gamers and welcome to this new 2D Minecraft snapshot. When you click on the green flag, the game will start. You can move your avatar (Steve) using "a" (go left) and "d" (go right). You can jump by pressing space and crouch by pressing "s". Press the key "1" for pick the sword: if you go near the skeleton, it will pick damage. Hit it for tree times to kill it. Then you will combact the creeper: press the key "2" for use the bow and press "f" for shot an arrow. And if you know how to get here, you'll fight an enderman. Press "3" to choose the tnt and "q" to make it explode. A Nether Portal is now spawned. Enter it and you're going to the nether. Here there is a ghast: it moves up and down and it's very difficult to shoot with your bow. That's all for this snapshot, but stay up to date because every now and then the game will go on!