Automated sweeper and clothes folder



Last updated:2020-12-16




0M/ 1.7M


Hi, Im Micah Rayven from Kanaan Global School Jakarta Indonesia. Children can learn a lot from doing household chores. Doing chores helps children learn about what they need to do to care for themselves, a home and a family. They learn skills they can use in their adult lives, like preparing meals, cleaning and organising things. Being involved in chores also gives children experience of relationship skills like communicating clearly, negotiating, cooperating and working as a team. When children contribute to family life, it helps them feel competent and responsible. Even if they don’t enjoy the chore, when they keep going they get the feeling of satisfaction that comes with finishing a task. And sharing housework can also help families work better and reduce family stress. When children help out, chores get done sooner, and parents have less to do. This frees up time for the family to do fun things together. My project gives every families free from housework and gives more time to each other and maintain cleanliness and organise things the way it should be.


1. Halocode will receive instruction using voice recognition then send signal to the mcore to do the sweeping and folding the clothes. The Halocode also notify by showing light if there are someone outside the house. 2. Using the touch feature of halocode, you can also control the robot. 3. Sprite feature can be use using the smart phones. It has voice recognition and facial recognition for security system.