Smart Kitchen



Last updated:2020-12-17




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Assalamualaikum, My Name is Ananda Kirani Mahagitta Wicaksono From Sekolah Indonesia Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. :] The Smart Kitchen have two features: Safety and Food Management. UvUb For Safety Feature, there are 3 Sensory. 1. The First Sensor is Fire Sensor. This Sensor will detect a naked flame. Therefore, it can prevent fire. 2. The Second Sensor is smoke and gas sensor. This sensor will detect smoke and gas from LPG. This sensor will detect leakage and dangerous substance such as smoke. 3. The Third Sensor is water sensor. This sensor will detect water splash while washing the dish in order to prevent accident. For Food Management feature, Food Management Feature will add on Refrigerator. We able to know the stock from refrigerator in real time. Using Camera Image Recognition and Using Weight Sensors


This Project using 3 device: 2 Halocode Device and 1 Arduino Nano. :] 1st Halocode is handling the stock management from Refrigerator 2nd Halocode reading the Sensor (Fire, Gas and Water Sensor) Arduino Nano is reading the weigh sensor and connected with 1st halocode to broadcast the refrigerator stock. C: