Mario Crossing- Mblock edition (1.7.4M)



Last updated:2020-11-17




0M/ 243.4M


This is a 2D Animal Crossing-inspired game with, well, Mario! It features: _Real-Time Functions_ The music changes almost every hour, with tracks lasting 30 minutes to an hour. Some NPCs will only appear at certain hours, and that includes night! Sometimes, it can rain. Balloon presents will occasionally float by during the day, so make sure to hit them with something to get an item. Some fish only come out at certain times of day/night, so be sure to fish often. Certain fish only come out during certain months, like the pond smelt and Dorado. _Universal Features_ Feeling Musical? Why not create a town tune? Go up to the bulletin board in acre 9 and get composing! On Saturdays, a Weedle will appear in the 9th acre. Press space in front of them at night to change Mario's color. A second Weedle also appears on Monday and Tuesday early in the morning in the 9th acre. This other Weedle will reset Mario's colors. _Local Multiplayer_ Press M to bring in a second player! this second player cannot talk to NPCs or pick up items, but they can jump slightly higher and can shoot beams. NOTE: Multiplayer is currently buggy and may not work correctly. _Extras_ Your inventory and coins are not cleared when you press the green flag. If you need to go do something, why not save by pressing the green button with 3 lines in the top half of the screen? That way, you can come back later without losing any progress. -3PM and especially 3AM have some... Interesting quirks to them, mainly involving some obsessive Goomba twins. -Sometimes, villagers will ask you to change their catchphrase. And much more...


P1 CONTROLS: Use the arrow keys to move, and the Z key to run. Use the space bar to interact with people. Hold the X key to open your inventory, and release the X key to close it. Press the up arrow key to jump and enter doors. Press the down arrow key to enter pipes. Press the C key to cast your fishing Bobber (after purchasing a fishing rod), and press C again to reel it in. You can move items around your house with the mouse-pointer. P2 CONTROLS: Use WASD to move, and the J key to run. Press k to shoot. Hold Q while pressing k and w to shoot upwards.