Dream Clean Tower



Last updated:2020-12-17




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I have created the Dream Clean Tower, which is a smart laundry machine system. This product was inspired by the many inconveniences that people experience with doing this chore. So, to able to remove this task from our family’s list of to-do’s, I have created this product. This system is equipped with different functions such as a color and whites separator, and an automatic smart washing and drying machine. All the functions in this machine have the purpose to minimize manual labor and maximize automated technology and remote operation. This will enable less time doing this chore and more time with family, relaxation, or productive work. The Dream Clean Tower is an effective, practical, and assistful invention that takes away disturbances during someone’s day, and to me, that is what a future home should have the capability to do.


When you have a new load of dirty clothes you can dump it into the dirty laundry hamper at the top of the machine. This will trigger the smart camera to differentiate the colored and white clothes into different laundry hampers. A certain color or shade will make the servo motor move in a certain direction. When the clothes have been categorized: The humidity fan can be activated when the temperature is too high. This will prevent bugs and forming mould. The clothes will then drop into the washer/dryer machine: It will automatically wash then dry the clothes The mode of the machine will be displayed on the LED matrix There is no need to transport clothes from one washing machine to another drying machine. No manual labor needed. After the washing and drying process is finished it will fall into the clean hamper: When the clothes fall into the clean hamper an iCloud message will send indicated the washer/dryer is empty and the next batch can enter the machine. When the clothes enter the clean hamper: The halocode will light up and the speaker will say express that the laundry is done. Now you collect the laundry You are able to carry on everyday tasks, without worrying about the laundry Putting in and collecting the laundry is the only manual labour required.