Infinite Seed-Based Random Terrain - Perlin Nois



Last updated:2020-10-28




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thanks to an scratcher named iawbrooks for the original project Infinite Seed-Based Random Terrain - Perlin Noise. i only used his terrain engine becathat produzed flat 2d terrain whit an birds eye view use im bad at math and im bad at making an terrain engine


wasd to go to other parts of the terrain farlands can generate c to switch block b to build arow to move around i did not figure out how to add mobs an modding program that lets you insert an txt.table file and it runns the mod and how to add bluestone digital bluestone and more dimensions could actually be coming soon becuse if you look inside the code there is an flag in the terain generator that i aded to make an cave underground terrain sorry my mblocks went crazy because i had to many projects but i backed them up i dont know how to share files so be shure to leave an comment