Latest Temperature in Central Asia (Recorded as celsius)



Last updated:2024-06-12




0M/ 0.3M


Latest temperature in Central Asia. Recorded as celsius. The temperature updates every 15 minutes by itself. These countries temperature used as the capital temperature. From Weather API Armenia temperature was also shown in the project because the Armenia map was found in the sprite. And it wasn't offscreen Weather+ extension is made by Best_Codes. See other regions: Balkans: Some countries are coloured, here's the list: Blue: Below -20°C Light Blue: -19°C to 0°C Green: 1°C to 20°C Yellow: 21°C to 25°C Red: 26°C to 35°C Dark red: Above 35°C Updates: Project published!


Firstly, go to source code. Only the extension works on source code. Click the green flag (If problems happen, press it again) to see the temperature list. If some of the countries were still white for long, it means timeout (Don't worry, it reload itself) Press the 'D' keyboard to open data chart. But you need to press the green flag or close button to close the data chart. If the data chart didn't show in the source code, that means one or other countries got timeout. But just wait a few minutes.