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During the pandemic, gyms are down, pools are closed, parks are closed. According to the biggest news agency, including New York Times, BBC, there are much more people who chose bicycles to be their working out tools and commuting transportation at the same time. But riding bikes on open roads could be pretty dangerous even if the riders wear their helmets and keep cautiousness because bikes normally don't have an indicating system like the indicating lights on cars. All three members of my family are cycling lovers, I know how important it is to let the drivers know where you are going when you ride a bike. Thus, I came up with the idea to design this bike light system. I’m going to demonstrate the functions of it, so if the bike turns right which makes the one of the halocodes tilt right, the halocode on the right is going to flash orange if the bike turns left which makes another one of the halocodes tilt left, the halocode on the left is going to flash orange. When the bike is at normal speed and not slowing down or turning both of the halocodes will light up red. Another function of the multi purpose bike light I am going to introduce you to is the brake light function, the motion sensor on both of the halocodes is going to detect the slowing down motion and will light up a brighter red to indicate that the bike is slowing down. This bike tail light is better than other existing bike tail lights because the existing bike tail lights that are closest to my tail light only have the brake light function or only has the turning signal function but my bike tail light has both of those functions I got my idea by searching for existing bike tail lights and by thinking how to improve on those existing tail lights and then think on how to improve the safety of cycling at night.


First, you attach the light to the seatpost of the bike. Then you turn the switch on the battery pack on, when the halocodes lights up green, you say "on" in both of the halocode's microphones, then when the green light is gone, you just press the button on each of the halocodes and start riding. When you are slowing down or not riding, the halocodes will light up a brighter red to indicate that you are slowing down or stopped. When you are turning the halocode on the side your turning will flash orange to indicate that you are turning

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