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Plantern is an innovative green solution to reduce light pollution. It is a combination of a planting pot and a lantern.It can be controlled by voice, by a remote control, or by a smart lighter. With cordless design, it can illuminate the surrounding space indoor and outdoor. Plantern uses energy efficient LEDs featuring the following four lighting modes: 1. The “Bright” mode is to turn on a bright yellow light. 2. The “Dim” mode is to turn on an amber colored night light with reserved energy. 3. The “Party” mode is to turn on a flashy disco light show. It’s a great way to celebrate special occasions. 4. The “1 min” mode is for when you only need lighting for a very short amount of time. After the time is over it will automatically turn off the light. Additionally, Plantern incorporated touch sensors, timer, and shield (the pot itself) to help reduce energy use and protect the environment. Plantern only uses warm-colored LEDs because blue-rich white light is known to increase glare and compromise human vision, especially in the aging eyes. At the bottom of the Plantern, there is a circular shaped blue base that holds the LEDs (Halocode) and can perfectly support a small pot that holds the dirt and plant. You can also turn the Plantern into a lamp by using the base with the circular shield. Planter is a great smart accessory to transform your rooms or garden to look inviting and comfortable.


Remote: There are 6 buttons on the remote: on/off, Dim, Bright, 1 min, Party, and voice recognition 1. The “On/Off” button can turn the Plantern on and off. If you click it once, it will turn off. If you click it again, it will turn back on. 2. The “Bright” button will turn on an endless bright yellow light. 3. The “Dim” button will turn on an amber colored light with reserved energy. 4. The “1 min” button is a timed pink light for 1 minute. 5. The “Party” button is a blinking disco that flashes colorful lights for 10 times. When the “Voice Recognition” button is pressed down, you can activate the voice control function. Voice Control: Please hold the “Voice” button on Remote Control to make the voice control work. When you see the Plantern turn on in red for 1 second, which means the voice function is activated. Then, you can say the word “On”, “Off”, “Bright”, “Dim”, “Party”, “Min”. The Plantern will turn on the lighting modes accordingly. Smart Lighter: On the bottom of the Plantern, there are four openings. Each opening is marked with a setting: “Bright”, “Dim”, “1 min”, and “Party”. You can use the Smart Lighter to reach the Halocode touchpads through the openings to activate the lighting modes.