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Last updated:2020-10-12




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My name is Sophia! I have created a disco ball! My inspiration came from when I noticed that people forget to turn off their lights a lot! Actually, studies found when people are questioned, 90% of them claim that they do forget to turn off their lights! This can waste a lot of energy! My solution to this is people can use smart lighting to automatically turn them off! I also added more features to make it fun! The reason why I did create the disco ball was so server as entertainment and as a reading light!


My disco ball has three different features! If you want a reading light, then you can press the green button! If you are in a party mood, then press the yellow button and dance! If you're feeling calm, then go ahead and press the red button, which leads to a mood light! Also, if you shake the ball, then the lights will stop, also if you press the blue button, then the lights will stop as well


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