Smart Green Street Lights



Last updated:2020-10-10




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My name is Arham Raffay and I am 10 years old from Pakistan. I go to Foundation Public School. My city Karachi is called the City of Lights because at night time it lights up beautifully. But over the past few years we have been suffering from a sever shortage of Electricity. Street lights in my city Karachi, Pakistan consume a huge amount of electricity due to their conventional control systems that manually turn ON and OFF. Sometimes the Street Lights are even On during the Day time! Karachi suffers from major power losses annually and the city needs to find ways reduce its power consumption and alternate forms of generating electricity. Over the last few years Solar Energy is becoming a popular choice as an alternate way to generate electricity. For this project I decided to design miniature smart street lighting system that will be powered by Solar Energy. The SGSL System will have the following Features: 1. Solar Tracking to maximize collection of Solar Rays 2. Display System to display amount of energy collected for consumption at night 3. Smart Light Controllers that will light up the city smartly depending on the amount of electricity available. 4. Midnight Saver Mode that will only turn on street lights if there are cars on the road.


The project has 4 Parts 1. Solar Tracking during daytime. 2. Monitoring and smart power distribution at night 3. Smart Street Light control depending on the amount of electricity available. 4. Midnight Energy saving mode.