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Hello My name Jason Pratama. I am From Bina Bangsa school Semarang Indonesia. Now i am 10 Years old. I called my Project name Smart Future City. This smart city have concept smart saving energy and all thing in the city controlled automatically using AI , sensor and Smart city System. In my Smart city system i build : 1. Smart Class/ school system which is using sensor the light , AC and power in school can turn on and off Automatically 2. Smart Building system and city light system. in this system we use light sensor so light at building and light at building and city can turn on automatically so it can save energy 3. Interactive light system. At this system i have city light tower which is can control and turn on by far distance 4. UV light system. At this system i have system that can turn on UV light that use for sterilize city at night and it controlled by system remotely 5. I have face recognition system for classes and school 6. Smart Flood alert system that can alert if there is flood 7. Smart Garden System, which is if there is music the flower at garden have interactive light that that can follow music 8. Smart gateway system, To enter the city all gateway is running automatically without any human operate the gateway system


This is how to play the smart city. When there is a car detected and then the gate will open automatically. and then if a person go in to class the class will automatically turn on light and AC if the person leave the class the light will off automatically. it also have AI system using halocode to detect face male or female. and then if the condition off light at city and building will on. At garden we can play any music we like and there light at garden that can follow music that we play. If you fill the damp with water if the water full the system will alert flood detection. If we wan sterilize city from interface we can press on and the UV light will on, if want to off just press off it.