Glow Grow Green



Last updated:2020-10-30



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I believe that kids know our environment is getting worse. But many of them don't think that they can help to make a better world. So I want to change their ecological mindset that they NOT ONLY can help the world, but they play the role in leading our future planet. Then, I thought, "Playing Game & Gardening" must be a solution for my cool features. I wanted to combine both of them into a fun, planting game! Although a "Game" is my great feature, RGB LED still plays a vital role in our project since we plan to plant anywhere, even if the sun doesn’t shine. Project's Functions Santa is our main character to send users DIY presents, which are their growing plants. There are 2 sides: the Santa side (mbot) and the user side. Users have to play the exercise or educational game to get "Glow Point" via mBlock5. When users start the game, they enter the main screen to click the touchpads on the Halocode to go to the educational game (touchpad 1) or exercise game (touchpad 2). - Education game mode 1. It is a vocabulary game. There is a picture on the screen with 2 choices. 2. If they choose the correct answer, they get 20 Glow Points, but if it’s wrong, they lose 5 Glow Points. In this game, there are 2 ways to choose the correct answer:- - Voice recognition: they can press the "button" on the Halocode and then speak the right word according to the picture. - Touchpad: to select choice 1, press touchpad 1. Also, press touchpad 2 for choice 2. - Exercise game mode 1. It's all about running! There is a Santa on the screen. Once the users have the Halocode and start running, the Santa will run too! 2. For every step Santa runs, they get 5 Glow Points. Once getting 500 Glow Points, the screen will change to the "Control Room" to buy light, water, and fertilizer. When they click each button, the mBot will respond to each command differently. They can see all of the mBot's activities through the IP camera. After 1 month, I will send their successful plant to them.


Users: 1. Open your computer and plug it in. 2. Make sure you connect to Wi-Fi. 3. Open your mblock5 program. 4. Sign into your account on the software. 5. Turn on the camera app on your tablet/phone. 6. Click the green flag. 7. Turn on Halocode and wait for the green light. 8. Click "Touchpad 1" for Education game mode: 8.1 When the Education page pops up, choose the correct option. You can do that by clicking either "Touchpad 1" for answer 1 or "Touchpad 2" for answer 2. 8.2 You can also click the middle button on the Halocode and say the word correctly. 8.3 If you chose/spoke the correct answer, then you get 20 points, but if you choose it wrong, then you get -5 points 8.4 Click "Touchpad 0" to return to the Menu. 9. Click "Touchpad 2" for Exercise game mode: 9.1 When the Exercise page pops up. Start Running! 9.2 Each time Santa runs, you get 5 points! 9.3 Click "Touchpad 0" to return to the Lobby. 10. Once you reach 500 points, you can water, give light, and fertilize your plant. mBot: 1. Attach the security camera to a power bank. 2. Fill one bottle with water and snap it onto the robot's right claw. 3. Fill the other bottle with liquid fertilizer and put it onto the robot's left claw. 4. Place a plate onto the stage and then put the COIR pot on top of the plate. (Coir pot has the plant in it) 5. Turn on mbot. 6. Turn on Codey Rocky.