Algorithm Wars



Last updated:2024-02-12




0M/ 0.1M


I present to your attention my game. I was inspired by the game "Progers" (


There are two players and on each side there are buttons to create an algorithm. In one turn you can do 0, 1, 2 or 3 actions. After creating the algorithm, click the Play button. If you made a mistake while creating the algorithm, then clicking on the red circles deletes the algorithm before it is executed. By pressing the 0 (zero) key, a hint to the buttons is displayed (in Russian). It is better to check all the actions of the algorithm before the start of the game, “at the warm-up stage.” For example, the teleport works not only through walls, but also at the edges of the map, taking you to the opposite side. Players take turns, their goal is to earn 60 points by collecting tokens. After running out of tokens on the map, you need to attack each other, taking the earned tokens. By pressing the spacebar you can see the points of each player. Bugs and shortcomings may be found in the game, because... I haven't perfected the source code.