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Last updated:2021-12-09




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The first reason I build this smart light, i-Lamp, is because I saw news that elderly people and people with disabilities have accidents when they get up at night when they drink water or go to the bathroom. My grandparents also have that problem. Another reason is because our current lights are not very efficient, and if we replaced them with i-lamp, we could save tons of energy. According to the New York Times, if every home in the united states replaced one light bulb with an energy efficient alternative, like the i-Lamp I designed, the amount of energy saved could light 3 million homes for a whole year. The i-Lamp uses voice control to turn on or off, move up or down, it also use a smart camera that detects where you are and the lights will follow you. The i-Lamp is a smart, energy efficient, and caring invention that brings convenience to people in need.


The i-Lamp uses the following components: 1. Halocode 2. Power source 3. Ranging sensor 4. LED strip 5. LED driver 6. Motor 7. Motor driver 8. Smart camera 9. Gears 10. Recycled box 11. 5V connection cable 12. Belt Once the i-Lamp components are assembled, you can turn the battery on. The code will look for wifi and get connected. Then you can either use voice or motion to control the i-Lamp. The LED strip light will turn on when you say "ON", or turn off if you say "OFF". The light can be carried by the belt to move up if you say "UP", or move down if you say "DOWN". With the ranging sensor, the LED strip light can be turned on when you move your body in front of the smart camera. After a pre-defined time period, the light will be turned off if you moved out of the range. With smart camera, the strip light will move up when your body move up in front of the camera, for example when you sit up from the bed during night. The light will move down when you move down in front of the camera.