National Anthem of Thailand



Last updated:2024-06-18




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This anthem was adopted since 1934 but different lyrics. Then later during the start of World War II, the lyrics was written. Starting in 1939, everyday on 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM (UTC +7), they always raise and lower the flag. It is required to sing this anthem only in Thailand. Or else they will face consequences. An National anthem of Thailand. Lyrics: Pra thet thai ruam luead nu’a chat chu’a thai Pen pra cha rat pha thai kho’ng thai thuk suan Yu dam rong khong wai dai thang muan Duay thai luan mai rak sa mak khi Thai ni rak sa ngop tae thu’ng rop mai khlat Ek ka raj ja mai hai khrai khom khi Sa la luead thuk yat pen chat p’hli Tha loeng pra thet chat thai tha wi mi chai ch’yo!


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