Multi-use mBot



Last updated:2020-08-16




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So you can upload this if you have an mBot.... XD so yeah....... only 2 functions, don't get mad at me................................... :) INSTRUCTIONS-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- {press 1 to see if it's daytime (stop trying to prank it and put the light on cuz it's night while u check THAT'S CHEATING!!! &#62:( SWITCH THE LIGHT OFF!!!) btw yellow is daytime blue is night and dark} {press 2 and put your hand in front of the mBot and it will blush (awww cute!) FOREVER} {press x to stop the code so you can go to the other function)


this is live, and for MBOTS! with ultrasonic sensor and led lights on the top FYI there is this other website that lets people code it's called scratch: and my profile is :0 :0 :0 if u are on scratch comment yr username and I will follow you.... T_T why didn't u follow meeee ☹️ fyi I do f4f! (Follow 4 Follow - that means that is you follow me I will follow you!!!!!)