Mixing Smashers!Remix



Last updated:2023-12-13




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What are the controls? WAD - move, S - smash, or use ARROW keys. What should I do? JUMP and SMASH things, COLLECT pumpkins. Who am I fighting with? With 3 randomly generated enemies. How to check my awards? Click on a button left'er than play button. What should I do to unlock awards? Click on ":" button in awards page to see. How to check award names? Hover mouse over the award you want. ~comment your high score below~ Enjoy:D Favorite About us Official news Blog Contact us Business cooperation Resources Teaching resources MakeX robotics competition Help Block-based coding Python coding Products Code with mBlock Project community mBlock Extension Builder mBlock Volunteer translators Download mBlock mBlock for Windows mBlock for Mac mBlock for Android mBlock for iOS


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Thanks Zap_Tec_19 for sharing the work《Mixing Smashers!》(original)