Foodie Tycoon (Remixed)



Last updated:2023-08-28




0M/ 9.1M


This game is not owned by me, so I remix and publish on mBlock! As so, I replace the music . Welcome to Foodie Tycoon! Here we are at the Foodie Island, United Kingdom. We can create a food, earn money and MANY MORE! Although we will start as $12. Music: National Anthem of South Africa, this time the piano cover is created by me! (And many more)


It is recommended to click on source code (To prevent fail from button(s)) Let's start by pressing the green flag, there are 5 buttons to choose. Start with pizza. After you click this one, you need to wait patiently. To upgrade. You ned cash to do this. After that you can carry on to the next button. The 'home' button is to see the achievements. Lost your data? No problem! There is a save button on the bottom right corner. After that there is a number code here. Copy and paste into your notepad and continue play later. Load: Still the bottom right corner, you need to paste the code.