Last updated:2023-04-11




0M/ 0.1M


When you start you have a few seconds to decide how to play, it's a simple game built from the sample programs, it'll get better as you go, so check back every once in a while just in case! When you start you can exit the mode that comes by default; The image is placed in the center and rotates creating a wonderful mandala. Clicking the up arrow will draw a random path across the screen, clicking 1 will follow the mouse pointer, clicking 0 will erase the mandala, and when you click space, the screen will remain with the mandala without moving. If by chance you want to change the white background to black, just write the first letter of the respective names (W - B) depending on the occasion.


Now invent from my project, edit it, propose improvements and even put what you liked the most! Don't forget to have a good time and schedule!!! RECOMMENDED AGE? Well, I think between 5-10 years, although it is suitable for all...