Two Player Tanks v1.0



Last updated:2020-06-24




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• • • • • TANKS • • • • • v1.0, Here, is the first version of my tanks game, very simple set with power and health bars, two tanks, and a midway barrier. Future versions may include iShoot features like multiple rounds, wind, between round shop, per round stars, multiple kinds of shots, and different barriers. Like and fav (and maybe follow) to reduce lag. 5 fUN FaCTs aBOuT THiS gaMe: 1. There is only one "when flag clicked" line 2. This game is primarily controlled by a bar of chocolate (no really, check the code) 3. Penguins are awesome 5. It could go on forever 6. You are reading this 7. There were only supposed to be 5 facts 8. I skipped 4 //changeLog -----5/28/20----- Switched movement feature to on turn Doubled acceleration


red tank left and right arrow-keys to move (starts slow, builds up pace) up and down arrow-keys to change launch angle drag red power bar towards center to set launch power zero key to fire blue tank "a" key and "d" key to move "w" key and "s" key to change launch angle drag blue power bar towards center to set launch power "q" key to fire #tanks #shoot #ishoot #missile #variable #penguin #power #health #flag #boom #griffpatch