expunged survival (early release)



Last updated:2023-02-15




0M/ 18.3M


Expunged Survival has been released early! If there are any bugs, I am very sorry because the official release version will not be coming until i have more time because I am just busy with other things. Also, shoutout to Opposition Bambi, Chandelure F5 and Matt! The models you make and the story they tell are all amazing, and I always enjoy seeing a new creation in my newsfeed that you made.


Use the arrow keys to move around. Try to avoid Expunged! (He's the guy with the long eyes and the red outfit.) Click on the lightning bolt (that's currently the only power-up in the game) to stop Expunged for 10 seconds. If you get hit by Expunged, you lose a little HP. If you lose too much, you'll die. (By the way, there's supposed to be something that happens when you die, but it only works in the source code. If you want to see the death animation, go check the source code.)