Idle panda clicker!



Last updated:2024-06-23




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Version 1.6.4 Would you want to click? Time to click! This project supports on mobile and keep clicking until you can reach infinity! When you press stop, your points and your pands will keep. (Note that reloading the page will lose all of your data in this project) Music: Evil March Crusade Industrial Revolution --------------------- All songs above by Kevin MacLeod Available languages in this project: English, 中文 (简体), Español Updates: Removed leaderboard because it's useless


Press the green flag, click rapidly. Pressing the store icon to upgrade the panda and increase faster of the clicker points. Pressing reset all will reset everything (Only press twice.) You can also press E to click! Codey: Firstly, go to source code, Live mode is required. Pair it up and connect to the device. To click, press the 'A' button If this project is too impossible to load, you can go to source code if needed.