NPCs are becoming smart! Version 0.7.1



Last updated:2024-05-29




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Before you play, you must play at age 10 and above because there is gun shot, but don't worry, If you die, it hide itself. (if you're under 10, you need parent permission to play this project) The word 'nugget' does not offend anyone. See their remixes here! Carl the NPC wanted to get a gun, but he can't because he's an NPC. There is more endings to get! Other endings coming soon. All sounds and songs are from GroovyDominoes52 The thumbnail photo will mostly show if the thumbnail of the project was not fully covered. An help found on YouTube video (Created by me): Updates: Severe fixes


Press the green flag twice (Pressing once got a glitch happen), There are more than 10 endings. Click the panda to start to chat. An chat lines is from below which you are a beginner: Press "B" to drop the gun This chat lines before touching the gun: I like yo cut g I'll shoot hahaha The floor is lava no This chat lines AFTER touching the gun: ow Help please No, it's our gun If the project is impossible to load, just go to source code Notice: Do not click the panda twice or thrice, or else the chat will be immediately stopped, broken and not working. There is a bug glitch happen in mBlock and Scratch