Game - The Pufferfish avoiding sinking anchors



Last updated:2020-06-30




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Our friend the Pufferfish went to swim at the sea with his fellow fish. Suddenly, anchors start sinking all around him. If an anchor will hit our friend, you will realize the source of his name ;-) Kindly help our friend to avoid the anchors. You welcome to keep our fish alive as long as you can and compete with your friends for the longest time ;-) (Un polished code, but do the work) * If you liked the game, kindly show it by pressing the "like" button located at the bottom of this page. Thank you. Learn & Enjoy Created by Avishay Israel Gottdiener


Maneuver the pufferfish to avoid the sinking anchors by using the arrows keys. Your avoiding time is counted in the upper left corner of the screen. * For the full gaming experience,Including the time counter and sound, you are welcome to run mBlock5 version, either in browser or as offline and to turn your speakers on! * To play the game over here, first press the small picture with the green flag located under the bigger picture, on the left of this text and the press the green flag that located now at the center of the bigger photo.