Ball parkour Revived: The cave and the Zombie CityRemix



Last updated:2024-05-12




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Version 2024-4.1 Credits to Decimal-Point and Decimal-XSD This is a revived project. Around the morning on October 24, 2023 (UTC +8), it unpublished by mBlock possibly due to swearing. The ball was take for an adventure! He want to go to the trip. And the ball likes to go to the cave! In the cave, it is too dark and scary and the ball forget to bring the torch . Note: It may timeout loading project. So wait a little longer or go get a coffee or something until it load. This game uses colours that uses effects, not for colour-blind people to play this We severely apologised that our saving was extremely weak. So this project was no longer updated. Background music: "National Anthem of South Africa", "Paraguayos, República o muerte!", "La Marseillaise" and etc. (There are 15 musics in total) (I'm the only mBlocker likes national anthems. Why not?) Cave background music: "Rigor Mormist" from the game Plants vs Zombies. Original link: Updates: Due to cheating, boss level updated.


Press "A" to go left, Press "D" to go right. Press "W' to jump. To climb on walls, just press "W+D" or "W+A". Press "S" to crouch the ball. Press "space" to skip, you have 10 skips left. (You will gain 1 skip every 30 seconds. Maximum 10)

Thanks Decimal-Point for sharing the work《Ball Parkour2 V0.0.3.0》(original)