FNoM Ultimate Custom Night



Last updated:2022-12-10




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---------------IMPORTANT MESSAGE------- This isn't actually a FNaF UCN fangame. (that would take me weeks, maybe even a whole month.) This is just a fanmade UCN list. On the top, it lists which FNaF characters are being replaced, and on the bottom, it lists which famous mBlocker is doing the replacing. This list is 100% complete, but you can add extra characters by remixing. Also, I may add extra characters later, but right now I'm busy with a clicker game I'm making. ---------OTHER NOTES---------- 1.foxy_rulz has not told us what his OC is, so I assumed it was Foxy from FNaF. 2.I matched up the characters with the animatronics based on status, gender, and personality. (examples: Nayanika replaced Chica because she is a girl, and Chica is the only female animatronic in FNaF 1. mBlockOfficial replaced Freddy because mBlockOfficial made this website, and Freddy is the main mascot of FNaF.) 3.I don't have a very good idea of what Kenaiko's main OC looks like, considering she frequently uses other OCs in his/her projects, so I just screenshotted the OC she used in her latest project, 'SCRUMIZE MEME??'. 4.In case you don't know, Ludmaster is my brother. --------STORYLINE-------- After 8:30 PM, you walk to your room and pretend to sleep, hiding your computer under the bed. After your mother is gone, you open your computer go to mBlock and start looking at projects. 6.5 hours pass by, and suddenly, you hear a voice. You check the house cameras (via your computer) and find my OC in the garage, standing still. You check the laundry room, and you find Sunny the emoji next to the dryer. You look at your clock and find it's 3:03 AM. And soon, you realize what has happened.


if you want, you can add ur oc to this list.