Friday Night Funkin' Editor!Remix



Last updated:2022-12-16




0M/ 11.5M


(This project is a remix. The original project was made by helloXDimnotfromhere.) Get ready, 'cause this FNF editor just got A HUGE UPDATE! Now, you can funk against the IMPOSSIBLY IMPOSSIBLE, with an extra key, moving notes, and even SWAPPING NOTES!!!!! That's right! With this new addition, whenever you hit a note, it will swap places with another note! Also, becuase of all this craziness, I've added a new song: Survival (TPTF), from FNF vs. The Impossible Trio! Challenge yourself, your friends, or just combine everything (5 keys, swapping notes, moving notes) until you don't even know how to funk with it! Also, I've added Flipping keys When you activate this setting, it makes the arrows look different! Clicking OP FLIP will make it so that they flip every time you press an arrow! Enjoy, have fun, and funk 'til you drop! --------------------------Bugs-------------- Pressing right on swapping notes breaks the game. If you try again after breaking the game, without refreshing the tab first, the game will still be broken. Sometimes, when 5 keys, swappable notes, and moving notes (sideways, vertically and rotationally) are all activated, the keys will all stick together in 1 place when you press them. You can fix this by pressing the green flag again.


W to spawn up note A to spawn left note S to spawn down note D to spawn right note F to spawn extra note (if 5 keys is turned on) ↑ to hit up notes ← to hit left notes ↓ to hit down notes → to hit right notes space/K to hit extra notes DO NOT PRESS → WHEN SWAPPING NOTES IS TURNED ON!!!! If you do, just refresh the page.

Thanks helloXDimnotfromhere for sharing the work《funkin editor》(original)