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Last updated:2020-05-18




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Dust particles in the air can negatively influence the well-being of humans. This is why germany and The Netherlands have quite severe limits for dust particles in the air. Even more severe risk is carried by aerosols, liquid particles, that may carry viruses like COVID-19 from one carrier to another. The PPM 2.5 Sensor "senses" if humans are around, or where in the room you are bound to enter. Just send the "mBot Guardian" ahead prior to entering the room. He will alert you with red lights and alarming beeps if the air quality is out of limits, or a lot of potentially harmful aerosols fill the air.


Connect PPM 2.5 Sensor to mBot using the adapter provided with the sensor. Connect mBot to PC with an USB Cable and upload the Code in "upload" mode. The mBot beeps once an lits its LED green if the air pollution is less than 40 PPM, which is the current limit in Germany. Now put a candle next to it or, worse, blow it out. After a second or to, mBot will glow fierce red and warn you for the low air quality. If you keep the USB Cable connected, mBot will inform you of the number of particles or aerosols per cubic meter in the air.