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Last updated:2022-11-23




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This is an art generator made by me! Try to make a masterpiece, or just spam the number keys and see what you get! It's your choice! Use your creativity to make true masterpieces, with only just a bunch of numbers! Enjoy, and have fun! ----------------OTHER STUFF--------- *If your preset seed comes out wrong, because you couldn't exactly remember it, I will add it to the 'work in progress' presets. Skin tones have now been added! --------GOALS-------- At least 1 preset from 3 different people: The first 3 to put a preset in the comments will win 1 like on every one of their projects!


Click the paintbrush, then type in a seed (using the number keys, the letters A, B, C, and the spacebar,), and watch the paintbrush draw! Use the helpful hints on the left side of the screen to guide you through this art making simulator!! Once you find a seed that you like, type in the seed (*try to remember it, it will not be displayed) and I will add it to this game as a preset seed! -----------HOW TO MAKE A PRESET--------- If you want to make a preset, try to find a seed you like. Once you find that seed, try to remember what it was, ad type it in the comments.