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Last updated:2022-10-18




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Most of us know what climate change is, and what negative effects take place if we do not take action to reduce and stop climate change. To summarize, climate change refers to long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns. These shifts may be natural, such as variations in the solar cycle. Though human actions have caused major disruption and is one of the main drivers of climate change, primarily due to burning fossil fuels like coal, oil, and gas, and recent development of technologies such as transportation or the use of factories. Some of the major effects of climate change are rising in the Earth's temperature, droughts, and intense weather. One of our own made ideas/solutions for climate change is The Eco Friendly-Bot. The Eco Friendly-Bot uses solar power to run its systems by converting the light energy, for example, light from the sun and converts the solar energy to electrical energy to provide it to the mBot and the other parts of the system. By developing this simple project, we can help take action by reducing carbon emissions, and decrease the effects of climate change.


Our project is about reducing Carbon emissions, coming from power plants that use the burning of fuel/coal energy. The light sensor detects the intensity of the surrounding light and converts the energy from the light to electrical energy to move the fan. The solar panel will also charge the built battery for the built-in backup lights. Materials: -mBot -USB connector -DIY solar panel -Light sensor -Servo motor -DIY fan blade -RGB LED Instructions: 1. Connect the mBot to your computer using the USB Cord cable. 2. Wait until the system fully boots up. 3. The light sensor will detect the intensity of the surrounding light (depending on where the mBot is positioned, and the actual light itself). 4. Once it processes the light intensity, the mBot will send messages to the sprites for the system to function and the program to run. 5. The system will run specific different programs (automatically) depending on the value of the intensity of light, such as the activation of the fan and/or the backup light. References/Links: - -