Hill Climber Racing HACKED



Last updated:2020-07-18




0M/ 0.8M


Thanks to griffpatch for the original project Hill Climb Racing v1.0. https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/56667360 •Change Log• 7/3/20 Reduced Lag 6/30/20 Added: Pen text for score instead of variable (thank you theChAOTiC for original project "Text Engine (pen)") 5/14/19 Added: Flame sprite Speed cloud Fixed dirt code 4/19/20 Added: Rotation modifications Speed modifications Cheat modes Added Loading Screen: it actually does need to load Front flip point value Deleted Cloud Variable in exchange for infinite looping Switched vehicle switch button to space 5/12/20-6/22/20 Added more hacks, list of hacks: "0" + "z" to activate hack mode "cheat?": "on" disables death, go on forever. "cheat?": "speed" activates standard high acceleration "cheat?": "stupid" activates extremely high acceleration "cheat?": "STUPID" activates stupid high acceleration "cheat?": "slow" activates standard slow acceleration "cheat?": "flower" activates flower growth speed acceleration (q=2nd gear, w=3rd gear, e=4th gear, a=5th gear, s=stupid gear) "cheat?": "off" deactivates all cheats "cheat?": "z" activates Griffpatch Edit Mode There is a security level bypass but you'll have to check the code to find that.


Left and right arrow keys to accelerate and rotate "Space" to switch vehicles and track P to pause You'll have to find the cheat activation buttons in the code Comment high scores with cheat used (or not): The world record for car with no cheats is 24460. For bike: 48100 Like Fav and Follow to reduce lag Go ahead and advertise, just leave a like Say hello to a penguin for me #hill #car #hack #penguin #griffpatch #remix #flip #stupid #flower #awesome #game