Cʜɪᴄᴋᴇɴ Cʟɪᴄᴋᴇʀᵀᴹ



Last updated:2022-08-01




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❔❓[ ^ - ^ ]----{ⓉⒾⓅⓈ}----[ U - U ] ❓❔ ["] To get the 'What a Rare Find!" Achievement is to click gobo. ["] Click a 100th time and see what will happen! ["] Every click is stored in a cloud server and I will check your progress daily. ["] Keep on upgrading and you will be like a pro. ["] To finish the game you have to click 123445658767938579375798599938859th time to end the game! Even though its a tough one. Will you accept the challenge? ["] There are also some cool effects! ["] If you have reach to the fast food chain that means your a billionaire! ["] Complete challenges to win unbelievable prizes! ["] Can't understand English? Then right click and then you will see "Translate *language* to *language*" then click it and boom your language is revealed! ["] If you have any doubts about this game then pls send a feedback at the comment section below. Feedback is always helpful. ["] Are you bored with the standard game well you can play mini games!! were you can have even more entertainment! ["] Press the green flag on the screen to start! plus you have to do it twice to start though ["] If you are having a hard time trying to figure out what is the problem with this game then click the "See inside" button and find why is it so difficult. ["] When you join the Mini games they aren't for free though that is why when you clicked the green flag once it's set to 1 Mini points and those mini points are your ticket to the mini games, its like a fair where you get some tickets then you play some games! ["] Mini games will keep you entertained. ["] Not interested in this game? Then check out the ads for more projects to see. ["] Press SPACE key to delete the adds one by one if you want to delete all then press D ["] Press X to broadcast the message X ["] Note when you click the task board and want to change it back? then click as many times as you want!! ["] Not working on scratch? Maybe try it on turbo warp! and now here's the link!: https://tu