Remote Controlled Lab



Last updated:2020-03-31




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Remote Controlled Labs (RCL) are more fun if you are able to understand and modify the code on both ends of the connection. This piece of Software works either as Client or as a Server for RCL Experiments. All necessary software parts for both roles are contained in the project, and can easily be modified even by the remote user. The parts communicate via "User Cloud" Messages which are broadcasted all across the user account and may trigger events, and/or carry data.


Open the Demo projects on two computers or tablets. Connect one device to a Neuron or HaloCode Microcontroller via Bluetooth or USB, whatever available, and run the software on "Live" Mode. You should first test the functions of starting/stopping the measurement and plotting the data locally. If you are sure that the server / experiment works just fine, sail to a remote part of the earth and log in to the Makeblock software or website using the same account that your server is running on. Start the software like you would locally, and expect data be acquired and plotted in the exact same way. This demo makes most sense if a teacher sits next to the server and guides the learner using a videoconference software. The learner should plan and conduct the experiment by modifying the Code on the client side. The learner may even modify the server-sided code. After saving the project, the teacher needs to reload the Projekt and both sides are synched again. If the code is seriously screwed up, just reload the project from: