Linear Accelerator



Last updated:2020-06-13




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Teaching the concept of Linear Acceleration at Home, using a Codey Rocky. The Codey Rocky starts to accelerate when he sees GREEN. He decelerates when he sees RED. The Display shows the actual speed in dimension free units (0-100).


1) The Students have to figure out how fast the Codey Rocky accelerates, using a Meter Stick and a stopwatch. They should look up the acceleration formula s=1/2*a*t^2 from the Internet and try to make sense of it, applied to the code and the problem 2) Students should figure out what the display actually displays. They should manipulate the code in a way that the Codey Rocky moves with constant speed, and produce a table that converts the Display to metric speed units (m/s) 3) Experiments on a slope: Students should construct a slope out of a wooden plank , or simply tilt a table by putting some books under the legs. Let an empty bottle run down the slope. Now, modify the Code on the Codey so that it accelerates as fast as the bottle. Figure out, how the acceleration of the bottle depends on the angle between the slope/table and the floor. Advanced Projects could use the ultrasonic range sensor to have the Codey Rock follow a larger object (e.g. an empty bucket) down the slope in a constant distance, and have the Codey Rocky plot the change of velocity in a google sheet.