Last updated:2022-05-24




0M/ 12.8M


It is an intelligent back corrector designed to prevent and correct improper position we adopt when sitting and standing, it helps us to correct posture by sending alerts. Detecting bad posture is done by measuring the angle of inclination. Alerting the user who is in bad posture. Monitor posture in real time DISPLAY information through graphs, cat emojis. PROVIDE tips that contribute to adopt a good body posture, recommend stretching exercises. In order to locate the halocodes, we used a caffarene in which pockets were made at the level of the cervical, thorax and lumbar vertebrae.


Three Halocodes, each accompanied by a battery and a switch, will be used in a 3D print. Good posture is represented with green color and bad posture with red color. The first halocode is placed at the level of the cervical vertebrae. In the app these vertebrae will be green and will show a green silhouette indicating good posture and 5 disguises for bad posture, all of them with red silhouettes. The second halocode is placed at the level of the dorsal vertebrae which are orange in the app and are 12 vertebrae. The third halocode is placed at the level of the lumbar vertebrae, which are shown in pink in the app. Cat emojis will be shown: Happy cat when there is good posture and annoyed cat when in bad posture. The Halocode will show green color when it is a good posture and red color if it is a bad posture. The app will show us videos that have been placed as frames giving exercise recommendations. It contains a button that will show a data graph of good and bad postures.