Airplane race



Last updated:2022-01-16




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It's a quick and easy game and it's not that it costs a lot ...


Pressing the "space" button will launch "missiles" that will hit other aircraft. When one of those planes is hit, you will lose your life. There is a hot air balloon that brings you to life. Every plane you hit with the "missile" will give you points. You win when you get 100 points and you lose if you stay in 0 life. The yellow glovo It is the one that fires the "missiles" and can go up and / or down using the corresponding keys: the up and down ... There is a casting limit, then you will have to wait until it loads (10 seconds). If you press the letter N you will get an image that will tell you the points, the life, etc ... The 0 key makes the image disappear ... There is also a life limit (150) so it puts ammo at 10 and life at 70.