Zombie jump



Last updated:2019-12-20




0M/ 1.7M


Zombie jump game is a kind of puzzle game that can exercise the body. We all played Super Mario, but what controls Mario is the game handle that has no interactive experience at all. The hardware of this zombie jump game is the ultrasonic sensor of mBot. When you are detected to jump, the characters in the game will jump synchronously, which can strengthen the body while playing the game. That's true Kill two birds with one stone, the more difficult the game is, we try to avoid all kinds of hidden weapons by jumping. If we encounter a hidden weapon, we will lose a drop of blood until the end of the game.


First, connect the computer to mBot, then enlarge the stage, click the green flag, and then click the mouse to start. When the hand or foot leaves the ultrasonic detection, the character will jump up, the faster it will go to the back, in addition, mBot can also be placed at the foot for jump detection. Of course, in order to have no experience of mBot's small partners, the game will join in and press the space bar to jump. After the game is over, it will Show the total distance of character running. How far can you run, smart?